Shawl Collars and Chambray

Why does every “heritage” line look exactly the same?

Here’s the latest from Ben Sherman a brand with a real heritage that other companies would kill for.

It’s said to be “inspired by images of British rock starts (sic) and the elecetic mix of formal styling fused with traditional rock n’ roll attitude.”

I know when I think of British rock starts I think of shawl collared sweaters, cuffed raw jeans, checked flannel shirts, tote bags, Red Wings and tassel loafers.

More appropriate “inspired by J.Crew, Band of Outsiders and every other company out there doing the exact same thing”

Looking forward to the upcoming Ben Sherman x Quoddy and Ben Sherman X Alden collaborations, can’t wait to see the creative markups they put on them!


Everybody’s jumping on this bandwagon.

Banana Republic has a heritage line out (I’ll spare you the link)

Now, in their pseudo-safari phase, before they decided to make bland, disposable-quality, 90s euro-wear, Banana Republic had some cool stuff. You’ll come across an old safari jacket or something similar every now and then.

So when they bring out “Banana Republic Hertitage” do they look back to those days? of course not, cut some of their shirts from chambray, make a shawl collar cardigan, cuff his jeans, put some wingtips on, add a tote bag, heritage!


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